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City removal and/or relocation of sidewalk entrances & Sod Installation
 As part of the city's sidewalk replacement program, they were required to update the sidewalk entrance locations and designs to be to county code.  This resulted in the removal and/or relocation of several sidewalk entrances within our subdivision.  I spoke to several personnel at the City engineering offices today about this situation with regards to the fact that a) neither the affected homeowners or the HOA board were notified of this activity in advance and that b) the sod most locations where the sidewalk was removed is dying, which would be expected as, in most cases, private lawn sprinkler systems were not set up to water what previously was concrete.   They city confirmed that they will be conducting an audit of these locations and that dead sod will be replaced with new.  Homeowners in the affected locations are advised to modify their watering patterns and/or sprinkler systems ASAP to address the need to water these new areas.  If your "beltway" is watered by the mister-type sprinklers, it is very likely that a simple replacement of "90 degree" head(s) to "180 degree" heads would be satisfactory.