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Winter Storm Tips
Our snow removal service – Conveniently Yours Lawn Care (CYLC) – comes after storms where snowfall exceeds 2”. Our subdivision is a high priority for them as we’ve been customers for years. They often come back 2 or 3 times after plowing to make sure that our streets are as clear as possible, even though that’s not in our contract. We are working with them to improve our snow removal service.
Please remember these winter storm tips:
• It takes time to plow our streets. For example, if a heavy snowstorm ends at 7:00AM, it’s not possible to have all the snow plowed by 8:00AM.
• CYLC typically does a “courtesy push” where they come through and remove enough snow to make the roads somewhat passable, then they come back through and clean things up.
• We’ve contracted with CYLC to plow our roads. It’s not CYLC’s responsibility to make sure your driveway approach is clear – snow naturally gets pushed to the sides of the roads when they plow. It would cost us a lot more if we asked CYLC to make sure no snow is pushed in front of anyone’s driveway. Please be patient and understand that you may have to clear your driveway after the snowplows pass through.
• It’s much easier for the snowplows if all cars are removed from the streets. Please make sure to move your car(s) to your garage or driveway when snowfall exceeds 2”.
• Please do not push or blow any snow into the streets, even if you are pushing it across the street. Snow from your driveway or sidewalks should stay on your property.
• If you have a complaint about the snow removal service, please use the contact us form.