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2012 Dues Invoices
Invoices for 2012 dues were mailed on December 21, 2011. Please watch for the invoice and pay promptly to ensure that we can keep our subdivision a place we're all proud to live in.

Unfortunately we are owed $8,775 for dues for calendar year 2011 and earlier. Our goal is to collect all of the past due amounts by March 1. Please note that if you receive a pink statement attached to your invoice, our records show that you have a past due amount. Please contact a board member as soon as possible to arrange for payment.

If your account is in arrears, please note that we plan to turn these accounts over to a collection agency if payment is not made in full by March 1.

We plan to offer a credit card payment option early next year. We’ll post information about that here on our website as soon as possible.
For more information, please see the Homeowner Documents page.