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Notice of Annual Meeting
The lawyer’s letter says that we are enclosing the documents, however we have chosen to upload the documents to our website. This represents a considerable cost savings to the HOA. To view, download, and/or print these documents (as well as the Association’s existing Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions and Bylaws), go to the Documents page. To access the Documents page, you must be a registered user of the site. If you are not already registered, you will need to provide an email address and password to the HOA via the website. You can do this by clicking “register” at the top left and filling in your information. Once your access is approved, you will receive an email that will include your login details and instructions.  If you have any trouble registering for the website or downloading the PDF documents, please contact Pat Maybouer at (734) 394-1857 or, for a hard copy of the documents.
The process will be the same for voting on the amended documents. You will receive a letter via mail advising you that the documents have been uploaded to the HOA’s website. This letter will include your ballot, detailed voting instructions and a notice of the meeting at which the vote will be conducted.